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Sandy Victims March To Send Message To Mayoral Candidates

By NY1 News
July 31, 2013

Hurricane Sandy victims marched Wednesday to send a message to the candidates for mayor.

The citywide coalition also includes labor unions and community organizations.
They took the Staten Island Ferry to Manhattan and marched to City Hall.

The group said the new mayor’s first task should be to tackle the economic inequalities that existed before the storm and made it harder for lower-income families to recover.

“Community stability is really what allows a community to recover after a disaster, not just the first responders,” said Emmaia Gelman, policy coordinator at the Alliance for a Just Rebuilding.

“If you want to be mayor of New York City, you need to put the most vulnerable people first,” said Nathalie Alegre of the Alliance for a Just Rebuilding.

They want the next mayor to use Hurricane Sandy recovery money to create jobs and affordable housing.

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