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Sandy Vics Losing Homes Again

By Jennifer Fermino
April 29th, 2013


Nearly 200 families who lost their homes in Hurricane Sandy will be homeless once again on Tuesday when the city ends a program that paid for their hotels.

The families who are getting kicked out either did not want or didn’t qualify for public housing, according to the city’s Department of Homeless Services.

Alliance for a Just Rebuilding – a colation of politicians, union leaders and community activists – organized a rally on the steps of City Hall on Monday to petition the city to extend the program.

“The city must do more to help these New Yorkers, overwhelmingly low-income people of color, gain access to permanent affordable housing,” said Jean Sassine, New York Communities for Change Queens Chapter Chair.

The city has extended the program’s deadline for families who have housing but can’t move in yet.

Those families can remain in the hotels on the city’s dime until the end of May.


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